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I want my time spent to reflect my ethics
When mine isn’t it’s internal dialectics
My mind’s sick of all the matrix and metrics
Hold on I need a second

Verse 1
Need to organize and re-prioritize where morals lie
I don't like this speed of life, it's glorified
It'll sneak up on you ‘cause it's subtle and leave you horrified
So far from what you love, cog in the wheel, caught up in the motions right?
Lost lots in the compromise thoughts rot in the opportunity cost
Immunity not possible when it comes to time
I don't really like how I spend mine
But don't really fight to defend my
Minutes, wishing I had thirds on my seconds
But first go forth and replenish
Wish we would do less and we would do better

Verse 2
Let me take a breath in
Think about how I am living
If I do less here can I do more in my other sections
Shed the skin until I'm head, heart, and gut feeling
Blood, sweat, tears, love, laugh, cry, lose for winning
And when I'm sleep walking across campus I know the difference
Nightmares feel close and dreams feel so distant
Just a number of hours, it’s simple mathematics
Like Mos said infamously in one of his classics
I would follow suit but music is so attractive
So I build my own, funny you call that distracted

Verse 3
But I live by my pocket calendar
Filling every hour, I wish caliber
Was measured by their depth
And how they were
Rather than how many things
I can scrape by on
Feeling behind in all my obligations
Feels like time wasted, make haste when
I'm drowning in this ocean, going through motions
Time to reflect on my motives and take control of
My life and make time for what's important
Instead of ignoring to meet quorum I need more of
Family and friends, promises I swore 'em
And this music, make these songs and finally record 'em
This is what I think about when I'm booking acts and not performing
This is how I feel when I'm writing essays and not writing raps
It’s time that I'm not ever getting back


from Eudaemonia, released September 22, 2016
Drums written and performed by Dallas Quick
Bass written and performed by Shaun Quick
Guitar written and performed by Ricardo Quintanilla
Vocals & Lyrics written and performed by Jonah Falk

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Elan Wright and Nima Skeemz at the Ruby Room in Seattle, WA. Drums Recorded at Robert Lang Studio in Seattle, WA.

Music Video Filmed and Edited by Michael Barone

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INVICTVS Seattle, Washington

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