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Verse 1
It's like you don't know what your word’s worth
Half an inning then you change shirt
Wearing different hats
All you do is bat
It's clear you're just looking for the stats
What the fuck is that
Watching from the stands
You avoid our eyes
You just take us on a goose chase around the baselines
You fill us up with hope
But we're feeling every strike
Got the seeds but you don't plant em
Spit ‘em to the side
So much on your plate
Scared that you might suffocate
Leave us in the dust
Losing trust ‘cause it's kinda fake
Don't care what you bust
Looking for the perfect pitch
All you want are hits
In your lust for the music biz

Chorus 1
Fuck an introduction, let’s get into something
Come on, come on, let’s get into something (x4)

Chorus 2
If you’re making art you got to put in work
And if you feel their art then show ‘em what it’s worth
A lot of artists scared to be themselves
So they try to match what they got on the shelves
Everybody wants the mic but has nothing to say
And there’s a lot to sift through so be careful what you play
If you love your art you got to make it work
And if you feel their art then show ‘em what it’s worth

Verse 2
Hard to talk with you
We're stuck in formality
Properly ignoring casualties
Killing me passively I got
Something to share with you
But will you spit it back at me
Seen many attempts end in catastrophe
So many have tried for you
But few of 'em succeed
Give it less than a minute
And then they fall out of your scene
I'd love to try and top that
Push on and never drop back
But it's hard when I might only get fifteen minutes of eye contact
Don't lust over your attention
But I hope it's me you mention
Not interested in messing around
Just true connection
I'm sitting upset and
Obsessing over text and
You're seeing right through each line
That I'm hoping to impress you with
But hold on a minute, now I'm starting to process
You'd only like this if your friends would, be honest
Wrote you all these letters
You don’t read 'em, that’s the hardest
But if no one hears the art, is there an artist?

Verse 3
So many rapping for the sport of it
Same bit I’m getting bored of it
You sound different
Than when you were recording it
Write about important shit
But when it's critical, they won’t hear a syllable
Ostracized if we talk about something
Problem is, everything’s political
No wonder artists still talking about nothing
And I love boosting and battles
And coast beefs and dope scenes
And most beats with samples
From toasting on breaks
To complex and poetic
Just hope you don’t think
It’s heartache and athletics


from Eudaemonia, released September 22, 2016
Drums written and performed by Dallas Quick
Bass written and performed by Shaun Quick
Guitar written and performed by Ricardo Quintanilla
Vocals & Lyrics written and performed by Jonah Falk

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Elan Wright and Nima Skeemz at the Ruby Room in Seattle, WA. Drums Recorded at Robert Lang Studio in Seattle, WA.

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INVICTVS Seattle, Washington

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